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Monday : 5 - 10pm 

Tuesday : 5 - 10pm

Wednesday : 5 - 10pm 

Thursday : 5 - 12am 

Friday : 1pm - 12am 

Saturday : 1pm - 12am 

Sunday: 1pm - 10pm 

8one8 Brewing’s Beer (Menu)

UPDATE (3-7-22):  We lean heavily on the side of personal responsibility, personal choice and the overall enjoyment of everyone that wants to partake in the 8one8 experience. We respect your right as a person to make the best decision for yourself.  We embrace all of our differences and we will remain a place to have a beer in the hopes of finding common ground.  We're here for the community that asks us to be here and we will continue to welcome the Vaxxed and Un-Vaxxed @ 8one8  

More about the environment @ 8one8

Our tasting room get’s a crowded buzz going, our seating is community style.  Come solo, come with friends but if being around people in a close environment causes you any covid anxiety it probably would be best for you to wait until you're comfortable in this style environment.  We do offer our beer ToGo if you're not ready to enjoy the tasting room yet, but when you are we will be here to cheers ya!

To order To-Go stop in and place your order at the register or place a pre-order online!  Cheers and thanks for your support and welcome back to what 8one8 was built for...ENJOY!

If you have any questions, comments or concerns please talk to a staff member or email